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Resources for Quitting Now

Seventy-four percent of African Americans want to quit smoking. However, they are typically less successful than other ethnic groups. This may be due to a number of reasons:


  • Most African American smokers choose mentholated cigarettes which are more difficult to quit

  • There are very few cessation resources developed with African American audiences in mind

  • Research is unclear about the unique ways in which nicotine addiction affects people of African decent

  • African Americans use cessation treatment and services less often


Whatever the challenges, getting healthy and quitting smoking should be a top priority within our community. Below are some resources that can start you on your way to success. 

About Tobacco Use


CDC: African Americans & Tobacco Use

  • Tobacco use is a major contributor to the three leading causes of death among African Americans—heart disease, cancer and stroke

  • African American children and adults are more likely to be exposed to secondhand smoke than any other racial or ethnic group.

  • African Americans smoke fewer cigarettes per day

  • Historically, the marketing and promotion of menthol cigarettes have been targeted heavily toward African Americans through culturally tailored advertising images and messages.


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Programs and Resources for Quitting


Pathways to Freedom DVD

Pathways to Freedom: Leading the Way to a Smoke Free Community©  is a free resource designed to assist individuals and community leaders in their efforts to become smoke free, and end smoking-related diseases and death among African Americans. This documentary-style video is a theoretically based smoking cessation program specifically targeting the African American community.

1-800-QUIT NOW 

By calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669), you can gain access to a state-run tobacco quitline for your area. If your state doesn’t have a quitline, you will be referred to the National Cancer Institute, where you can receive help with quitting smoking, informational materials in the mail, and referrals to other resources that may exist in your area.
The American Legacy Foundation's EX® helps smokers quit by “re-learning life without cigarettes.” It helps smokers do everything they used to do with a cigarette without one., the EX website, offers smokers a free plan to quit with a wealth of information.
This website is completely devoted to helping people like you break free from tobacco addiction. It offers live chat with experts, quitline information, an online quitting guide, and tips to help you “stay quit”. You can also order paper versions of quitting resources at this site. Visit smoke


Smokefree Women
Smokefree Women is intended to help women quit smoking and is designed to try to provide information about topics that are often important to women.


SmokefreeTXT is a free mobile service designed for young adults across the United States. SmokefreeTXT was created to provide 24/7 encouragement, advice, and tips to help smokers stop smoking for good.

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