EP02: Top 10 Reasons Racism is a Public Health Issue.

This week’s episode features the top 10 we reasons we think racism is a public health Issue. Plus, we discuss how the 2011 movie The Help was the #1 trending movie on Netflix during the height of worldwide protests for equality. Just how did this movie make it to the Netflix's Black Lives Matter collection.  Here are some key takeaways:

  • Racism in the criminal justice system: People who are incarcerated face greater chances for chronic health conditions, both while confined and long after their release.

  • The way social services are administered in this country: Uneven distribution of resources such as in the case of the G.I. bill often put Black people at a significant disadvantage.

  • Economic development: Not having access to loans to maintain a business means less money for health, education and housing.

  • Food apartheid: Even when grocery stores are economically viable, they have closed them in low-income neighborhoods leaving Black people with fewer healthy options.

  • Labor issues: People of color often work in factories that have unsatisfactory safety standards and can be more prone to injuries. They are receiving little pay and without adequate access to healthcare.

  • Intensity of advertising for unhealthy products in Black communities: Advertising for mentholated tobacco, beer and other unhealthy products are strategically placed in Black communities. The tobacco industry, for instance, fought to be able to advertise close to schools.

  • Disparities in the access to care and quality of care: Access to the doctors and what experiences people of color have within the hospital. Hospitals typically are not in the black community. Doctors being incorrectly trained on the black body

Listen now to hear our take on how Black health is impacted by historically racist housing and environmental policies.

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