EP04: Blowing Smoke: Why Menthol is Dangerous

Quick notes from this week's show:

This week’s episode features Carol McGruder and Dr. Phillip Gardiner from the African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council (AATCLC). Since AATCLC was formed in California in 2008, they have collectively educated the public about the effects of tobacco on Black Americans, the industry's predatory marketing tactics, and the need for regulation regarding flavored tobacco products. We also discussed the importance of the Census 2020 and chat about how NBA players are now using their large platform to promote the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here's are some key takeaways:

  • Menthol has a cooling sensation that masks the harsh taste of smoking

  • The more melanin you have, the longer nicotine stays in your body, making it harder to quit

  • The tobacco industry was told to stay out of the suburbs and to go into the urban communities

  • The tobacco industry engages in predatory marketing creating more cigarette ads in Black communities

  • Menthol is cheaper to purchase in the Black communities

  • AATCLC is working locally, statewide and nationwide to have menthol banned

  • Black consumers utilize mentholated tobacco more than any other race, even though it is killing us rapidly

  • Cigarette smokers can have worse health outcomes if infected with COVID-19

  • There are many local cessation services and counseling available to assist with your quit journey

  • AATCLC and Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) have begun an administrative lawsuit against the FDA because of their inaction on menthol

  • As a community, we must continue the fight for a ban on menthol

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