Congressional Black Caucus advocates for 3 actions to address the disparate impact of COVID-19

To address the extreme disproportionate infection and death rate there should be a targeted comprehensive intervention in communities. The intervention should consist of focused targeted voluntary testing in the neighborhoods where the infection rate is higher than the population. (e.g., 80% of the deaths in Georgia are African American/AA’s make up 31% of the population of the State) Targeted comprehensive intervention includes rapid results testing, early treatment and intervention and contact tracing. Contract tracers should be hired and trained from the community. In addition, resources need to be provided for public health education directly to community-based organizations, including faith-based organizations, local print and radio media. The public health campaign will consist of promoting the health protocols, encouraging testing and cooperation with contact tracers. It is important for public health messages to be communicated by trusted respected community leaders.

Funds for the intervention will be provided to City, County, or State government public health agencies to develop the targeted intervention in geographic areas where there is a disproportionate infection/ death rate. Public health agencies can provide grant funding to community and faith-based institutions, and or community health clinics to recruit and manage contract tracers. Organizations that work at the community level will be best at knowing who to hire, how to work with and relate to the communities where they work every day. Public health agencies and or other health professions will provide training for individuals hired to do contract tracing. Public health agencies will provide follow up and technical guidance to the organizations, associations, clinics etc. that recruit and manage the contract tracers.

If testing remains general—without intervening in specific geographic areas the extreme disproportionate death rate will continue.

NUMBER ONE REQUEST FROM CBC: Specifically address the disproportionate death rate of African Americans

1. Targeted comprehensive intervention consisting of:

a. Focused rapid testing

b. Contact tracing

c. Public health education campaign


1. Remove barriers from safety net programs for people who were released due to COVID


b. Public Housing


1. Early release of several categories of men, women and children who are incarcerated in Federal Prisons.

a. Our understanding is Judiciary language is being incorporated in the bill.

2. Funds for Second Chance so communities can help reintegrate returning citizens

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