5 Ways Beyonce Fights Cancer

A good queen sets a positive example for her loyal subjects, and Queen Bey—queen of all queens—is no exception. She has always been a day-one fighter – fighting for her family, fighting for friendships and fighting for feminism. But we’ve taken note on the ways she fights for good health, including preventing cancer. Any good member of the hive will be quick to follow her example.

1. She puts her breasts to good use

It was a bummer when Beyonce cancelled on Coachella last year, but we gave her a pass because she was pregnant with twins. To date, Beyonce has breastfed not one, not two, but three newborns. A 2010 study showed that only 62 percent of African American babies were breastfed at birth, compared to 79 percent of white babies. Most women understand that breast milk is best for babies, but nursing also benefits the mother, potentially lowering her risk for breast cancer. Cancer-fighting benefits of nursing may be seen at 1 year or more of nursing over one’s lifetime. Nursing can be a tough job, so all hail, Queen Mother Bey for giving it a shot and being a great example for Black mothers.

2. She and Hubby are known for their vegan pursuits

Beyonce and Jay-Z are well-known advocates for the vegan diet. In fact, in preparation for Coachella, Beyonce called all of her Instagram followers to join her in going vegan. While science-based proof is TBD on whether an entirely plant-based diet can significantly reduce cancer risks, the World Health Organization has officially pronounced processed meats as carcinogens. More importantly, Bey has declared that a plant-based diet offers a huge advantage to those seeking a healthier lifestyle and a performance-ready body.

3. She loves on survivors and fighters

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been known to put a smile on the faces of fans battling cancer. Last year, she face-timed with a high school fighter from her hometown, and her husband brought a 2-time cancer survivor on stage with him for a hug. The couple demonstrates how a little love goes a long way for true cancer-fighters.

4. She rocks out like NO ONE else

Beyonce blew minds and broke records at Coachella this year, starting with her breathtaking 2-hour performance. It cannot be overstated how much endurance training she must commit to in order to have the stamina for dancing and singing at that level and for that long. What does that have to do with cancer? It turns out that 40% of cancers are associated with obesity and being overweight. Exercise (to Lemonade, of course) is paramount in combating obesity. And you won’t even need a 100-person drumline at Coachella to get you out of your seat. Beyonce’s discipline and athleticism should inspire us all to get moving daily.

5. She brings Black pride and good feels to us all

Featuring HBCU culture in the blackest Coachella performance in history was a risky move with big payoff. In exposing mass audiences to nuanced aspects of African American life, she directly combated racist attitudes. That is a major step in reducing health disparities like cancer mortality rates. We still can’t get over how Beyonce gave stage to Black greek tradition, our definition of a drumline, the Black national anthem, and to our general awesomeness. Thanks to her majesty, millions were filled with pride and good feels—and that is always what the doctor orders.

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