New Research Offers Insights on African American Smokers and Prevention

The CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health has sponsored a new special supplement to the journal of Nicotine and Tobacco Research entitled, “A Critical Examination of Factors Related to the Smoking Trajectory among African American Youth and Young Adults”. The journal supplement contains a collection of reports comprising original investigations, reviews, and commentaries that provide some intriguing answers to questions about disparities between African Americans and whites regarding the use and health impact of tobacco products. The supplement represents the collective work of leading tobacco control scientists throughout the nation. They highlights that while African American youth are less likely than white youth to smoke cigarettes, and African Americans start smoking later in life and smoke fewer cigarettes per day than whites, they still die disproportionately from several tobacco-related diseases. Several public health opportunities were raised by the guest editors of this supplement:

  • Interventions to help prevent initiation among young African American adults, such as targeted anti-smoking messages

  • Banning menthol flavoring in cigarettes to discourage initiation of cigarette smoking

  • Interventions to help facilitate quitting among African American adults, including the equitable provision of cessation aids

  • Correct misconceptions in the population that consider menthol cigarettes to be less dangerous than non-mentholated brands

Click to read the articles:

  1. Understanding the African American Smoker

  2. Tobacco Use Behaviors Among African Americans: Progress, Gaps, and Opportunities

The full table of contents of the supplement can be accessed

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