The Leadership and Sustainability School recognizes Channte’ Keith

On March 9 , Channte’ Keith received an acceptance letter from the Leadership and Sustainability School sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Office on Smoking and Health (OSH). The school’s sole purpose is to teach individuals about the importance of leadership as well as strengthen personal values. Individuals enrolled in this program consider economic, environmental and social factors as a key element in order to make a positive community impact.

Keith, director of programs for NAATPN, received her master’s degree in public administration from North Carolina Central University and has dedicated most of her career to tobacco control.

Keith has served in capacities including program development, community outreach and grant management. She is responsible for the My Doc Cares Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program which supports doctors in their efforts to address patient tobacco use. Today, Keith continues in public health with NAATPN by developing the strategic direction for its tobacco, cancer and HIV programs.

She is honored and excited to have been invited into the second cohort of the Leadership and Sustainability School.

“I hope the program will provide an ideal climate to develop an in-depth understanding of leadership principles and management practices that are necessary for facilitating successful tobacco control programs and assisting with the strategic direction of NAATPN,” comments Keith.

“We believe that the program’s learning environment and networking should provide invaluable knowledge, skills and relationships that will benefit [her] throughout [her] public health career,” states Karla S. Sneegas, branch chief of the Program Services Branch at the CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health.

Keith has an expansive list of accomplishments relating to public health, community and leadership development, and program management.

“My goal in the program is to save lives and to end the disparities that persist in African American communities,” answers Keith when asked what the program meant to her.

Delmonte Jefferson, executive director of NAATPN, completed the program in 2015. “The biggest advantage that I got from the program was developing wonderful relationships--not only with the mentors, but with the participants as well,” he states. “I would suggest anyone going into the program to absorb every lesson and network with everyone.”

The program will facilitate its trainings and meetings through conference calls and in-person meetings at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta.

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