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No More Menthol.

Menthol is a natural derivative of oils found in peppermint plants. It is a beloved candy flavor known for its cooling effect. Adding menthol to tobacco makes smoking easier to start and harder to quit. 

Because so many are thinking of candy canes this time of the year, use the opportunity to remind your community that menthol is, indeed, a candy flavor and should not be permitted in the black community. Share the graphic. 

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    • Peppermint is for candy canes -- not tobacco. Learn how menthol makes smoking harder to quit.​

Peppermint is for Candy Canes
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Menthol in Chicago

​The city of Chicago was the first to issue a restriction on the sale of mentholated tobacco within 500 feet of a school. This was HUGE in protecting young, Black lives. Their mayor is now considering repealing this policy. You can help.

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  • Flavored tobacco like menthol are proven industry tactic to hook Black smokers. #NoMoreMenthol 

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Peppermint is for Candy Canes