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Communities at Work 

How a spirit of advocacy and know-how has driven effective community solutions during a pandemic.

The COVID-19 U.S. pandemic has swept across the country, revealing major gaps in our nation's ability to rapidly meet the needs of our most vulnerable citizens. Dramatic efforts to slow down the spread of the virus has created unprecedented ripple effects, impacting education, employment and small business. Advocates have long argued for systematic changes that could protect those who are disproportionately affected in times of crises. Yet, many of these voices go ignored. It is only in times like these that our most unacceptable areas of weakness are on display and our need for dedicated volunteerism becomes apparent.


These profiles highlight the on-the-ground work of community organizers who—independent of major sources of funding—are working toward justice and health equity. Their stories offer tactical insights and inspiration for supporting our neighbors in uncertain times.


Atlanta Public School:

Parents Take the Lead

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