Youth Activism 

Young people are getting the job done and they can help your efforts.

NAATPN and Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!) have partnered to spread the word nationally about the power of the YES! Youth Empowerment Model to create community change!  This model emphasizes partnership with youth and adult to tackle community wide issues and it has a proven track record with youth tobacco prevention.  Aside from teen tobacco prevention, YES! also works to prevent childhood obesity, prevent underage drinking and increase access to health care.

YES!’s work is rooted in the teen tobacco prevention movement of North Carolina, and after being a part of several key victories like a statewide policy for 100% Tobacco Free Schools and 100% Smoke Free Bars and Restaurants, this team of youth and adult advocates has trained many other communities across the country to replicate public health efforts for policy, systems and environmental changes in a variety of issues. 

Services and Technical Assistance

YES! is a technical assistance and training provider for communities that NAATPN works with to prevent tobacco use, promote healthy eating and active living. They are available to:


  • Locate or create a resource for your local youth team to grow in their skills or critical awareness on these topics

  • Provide training for adults on youth empowerment so that you can run a successful youth team

  • Educate students and community members about the connection between tobacco, healthy eating and active living to social justice within your youth-adult partnerships

  • Develop ideas for upcoming prevention awareness events (i.e. No Menthol SundayKick Butts DayWorld No Tobacco DayWalk to School Day, etc.)

  • Strategize on how to work in the community to pass a policy such as a 500ft Buffer Zone Policy, get a tobacco /smoking ban, tobacco-free school policy or other policies that promote tobacco-free living

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